Love is in the air….

On this romantic red-rose sweet-chocolate day here you can find a mix of both positive and negative vocabulary related to love. Word definition and story creation are quite motivational activities to be used. Needless to say that a heart-shaped candy is the extra point in student’s motivation. Remember that love is in the air eachSigue leyendo «Love is in the air….»

Protective equipment against COVID-19 transmission today

The countdown has started….within few day our students will start a new academic year and the best thing we can do is teach them a couple of words related to self protection against COVID-19 transmission. SOCIAL DISTANCING – means keeping a safe space between yourself and those people who do NOT live with you inSigue leyendo «Protective equipment against COVID-19 transmission today»

WEBAPPS, Easter and Lockdown!

Hi there!!!!  We are officially on Holidays!!!!!! We could have used the post :  »SORRY, WE ARE CLOSED !»…….but, lucky for you, we didn’t :)). What we did instead was creating something which you can use when your boredom level reaches the top. So, during this lockdown-Easter-stay-at-home break you can work on the different skills weSigue leyendo «WEBAPPS, Easter and Lockdown!»

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